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Updated on: May, 13, 2013

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Hi everyone

First off, apologies from the whole team here at the SmurfLife Game Guide site.  This site is run by volunteers, and sometimes life gets away from us all. But we are working hard to try to bring the site, and you, all up to date.

Over the next few days we hope to get up all the details of all the latest updates to the game (I know we missed a few) as well as try to get the cookbook update (that is going to be a beast! We may be asking for help from our fellow Smurfy players on that one).

In the meantime, if any of you have suggestions of articles you would like to see added to the site, or if we have any budding journalists out there who would like to write an article or two for this guide, please feel free to email us.

Our Smurfy new email address is: SmurfLifeGameGuide at Gmail dot com (not putting it in the normal format because we don’t need Gargamel figuring it out and sending us spam!

Looking forward to getting everything back on track soon!

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smurf life all Santa has brought a gift a little early this year! Imagine my surprise when I started up Smurf Life tonight and got that pretty popup window telling me there was a New Version Found!  I clicked the button as quickly as I could, and waited anxiously for the update to complete.   I rushed to the mailbox to see what Papa had to say about this unexpected surprise.

Hello there Reena,

I know you’ve been helping everybody in the village. Good job, Reena!  Keep it up and don’t forget to have fun doing it!

Here are a few more ways for you to have a bit more fun.  There’s a new smurf in the village, and this one knows how to make great shoes.  I heard that he is looking for someone who can help him with his tasks.  If you want a fun challenge, go and look for Cobbler Smurf.

Also, there’s good news for your wardrobe as well!  Tailor and Nanny Smurf are coming up with new designs for clothing and knitted outfits.

Talk to you soon and take car, Reena.

Papa Smurf

Along with this message, I received one Moondust.

Now, I have to admit, I am a Smurf who loves her shoes, so I am loving the thoughts of this new update. Being a knitter in real life, the addition of Nanny in the last update seemed to be made just for me, but then having Cobbler added this time with the ability to create shoes?  Beeline is reading my mind, or my Christmas list… either way, I will take it!

The full info about this update from Beeline/the App Store update is:
Meet Cobbler Smurf in a brand new Smurf Life update that’s head-to-toe fun! Update now to start crafting fun footwear your Smurf can really wear. Try out three new sewing resources and learn three new Tailor Smurf recipes to dress your Smurf in style. Reach three new tailoring levels, and learn how to make two cute new hats from Nanny Smurf.

Like Nanny, Cobbler Smurf is trapped in the clouds and you need to free him.  You need to be at level 11 in the Tailor profession, and you need to have 5 sunstones.  Having just freed Nanny, I still have a few levels to go before I am able to free Cobbler and start working on my shoes, but I have my Sharpness Potions, Sleeping Potions and Power Shakes all on the go so I can gain stars faster, make items quicker, and have some extra space in my storage to help me hold all of the tools and supplies I need for the Tailoring quests.  And I am working on my Trading Post quests to keep building my gold.  After all, fashion is always expensive!

Have you freed Cobbler yet? Are you already making shoes?

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Smurf Life 1.11.0

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smurf life all Smurf Life 1.11.0 was released on December 2nd  on the App Store, and the newest recipes seem to be fitting for the season!

The Newest Smurf Life Update will have you in Stitches!

So what’s new in this update?

Unlock Nanny Smurf to start knitting smurfy items your Smurf can wear!
Once you have reached level 7 in tailoring, you can free Nanny from her clouds for 5 sunstones. Nanny is located across from Vanity Smurf, behind Postman Smurf

Learn knitting recipes for three smurftastic outfits and six hilarious hats

Visit Tailor Smurf to learn four new sewing recipes!

Master four new levels of the tailoring profession

Have you started knitting yet? If so, what is your favourite recipe so far?

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Smurf Life 1.10.0

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smurf life all Smurf Life 1.10.0 was release by Beeline on November 8th with the tagline of “The Newest Smurf Updates is Sew Much Fun!”

Here is some information about the update from the release notes, along with some comments on each of these points. Read More→

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Smurf Life 1.9.0

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smurf life all Smurf Life 1.9.0 was released on September 17th to all iOS users. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the app was also optimized for use with the iPhone 5.

According to the App Store, here is what is new with the game, with some of my own notes added in parentheses.

- Add up to three trading table slots to sell items faster and earn coins (each slot will cost you 30 moondust, the same as the queue slots at the work stations.

- Discover nine exotic new resources hidden beneath the clouds

- Earn start to master a new profession level (this makes me think there is only one more level added to each profession, but I am not high enough in my professions to know yet) Read More→

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smurf life updates smurf life all news As was expected this week a  new version Smurf  Life App was just released by Beeline.  New quests have been added to the game, according to Beeline There’s So Much to Smurf in Version 1.8.0!

– Master 30 all-new quests and create exciting new objects to help your smurfy friends
– Work on your smurfy skills to reach new profession levels and earn free Moondust!
– Add new furniture to make your hut look smurfy and stylish!
– Dress in your smurfy best with smurftastic new outfits!
– Some old game bugs get smurfed. Read More→

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smurf life all With the release of the 1.6.0 update, some Smurf Life players were getting what appeared to be an error message when they tried to clear clouds in their village.  The message that popped up read “All Smurfs Found – You can’t clear these clouds because you’ve found all the Smurfs in his profession. Check back after an update!”

The issue was reported on the Smurf Life support forum, and it was originally deemed to be a bug in the game. However, after the release of 1.7.0, it started happening to more and more people, so Spelling Bee went back to the Developers at Beeline and discovered that this is actually a new feature in the game.  The bug in 1.6.0 was that it was only happening to one of the professions and not all of them. Read More→

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smurf life all As with almost every other piece of software out there today, updates bring us fixes to existing bugs, but sometimes also bring us some new bugs of their own.  Based on what we have heard on our Facebook page, and on the Support Forums, here is a list of some of the known bugs and fixes that came with the 1.7.0 update.


2-for-1 bonus for mastered items:  Before the release of 1.7.0, the only way you could get your 2-for-1 bonus for some of the mastered items was to be outside of the crafting screen when your item finished crafting. If you were inside the crafting screen, you only got one of the item.  Now, you can be inside or outside of the screen and you will get you crafting bonus.  The icons are even updated so when you are crafting it, you will see a x2 in a star on the box that shows you what you are crafting.  And if you are outside of the crafting window, the speech bubble that appears above the crafting station will now show you the actual number of items that are ready. Read More→

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Using the new map

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smurf life all  One of the biggest editions to Smurf Life Blue Skies Ahead update 1.7.0 is the addition of a map to your village.  This new map gives you a nice way to find everything in your village without having to run around the village looking for things.

You can see everything in your village, or you can use one of the tabs across the bottom of the map to only show certain items.  Once you find the workbench/resource/smurf/apprentice you are looking for, you can then track that item to have your smurf automatically run to it. Read More→

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Smurf Life 1.7.0 is here!

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smurf life all Smurf Life players received a very unexpected surprise on Tuesday, July 23rd when Beeline released the Smurf Life 1.7.0 update!

The new update includes a very interactive map of your village, to help you find pretty much everything.  You can find resources, apprentices, work stations and even see how many clouds you have left in each profession to uncover.

The update also included some bug fixes. My testing so far has revealed that the two-for-one bonus now works if you are inside the crafting screen. And the Sharpness Potion bonus works when you are outside of the crafting window. Both VERY welcome updates.

Your journal will now tell you when items have finished crafting, and can tell you what you have crafting, how long is left for each recipe, what your apprentices are crafting and how long they have left, and will even give you a list of items you have recently finished.

We will be posting much more information over the next couple of days, but wanted to get the word out, and we look forward to your feedback on the new update. And on the new map!

Good job Beeline. Nice surprise smurf life all

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