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Updated on: May, 13, 2013

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Mysterious Smurfs in Smurf Life Game


As you get on and on in the Smurf Life game many new characters join the village … Apart from Alchemist and Timber smurfs, many players already have rescued Brainy and Miner Smurfs also which are at the moment just standing next to their huts and doing nothing special (we are expecting in the future updates that these special smurfs will have their own quests).
Some players recently experienced some screen glitches while they were playing Smurf life game and they ended up in unknown places in the village where they have come across some of the popular smurfs from the smurfs village were having a tea party.

The screenshot shows some special smurfs such as Greedy, Hefty , Farmer and others amongst them … which made Smurf Life players wonder what those smurfs are doing there and whether they are going to join the village soon?
We shed the light here on few smurfs huts here which are hidden somewhere in the village and we want to ask our fellow Smurfs to share with us their ideas and which smurf they wish to join next.

Handy’s Hut

As you can see another empty hut near Timber’s ones, which it looks like Hendy’s hut and he might join the smurfs village in the next update after completing some chain quests in the Timber area.

Greedy’s Hut and and the unknown Pink Pie Hut



These two huts have been spotted in the Smurfette’s area (somewhere close to Smurfette’s hut) in the village, which we assume they will come soon as well and they might need some Magic Plant Remover or some other magic spell like that.

Restaurant / Chef’s Hut

An other mysterious hut was discovered by chance by one of our Smurf life friends (Milo Lopes). This hut was not seen previously in the actual sister game Smurfs village, but  it looks like a small restaurant restaurant. It is probably will be use by Baker/ Greedy Smurf or possibly a new character will be introduced to  the Smurf life game.

Unknown red roof Hut

This hut is empty and in the Alchemist’s part of the village … we don’t have any idea which smurf will come there, but for sure another adorable smurf will move there soon in the upcoming Smurf life updates…

Please share your ideas and help us to figure out which smurfs will come to the unknown huts and also let us know which smurf you think is better to join the village to make the game more compelling.

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  • RadSpyro

    I’d like to see Jokey in the game next – Preferably helping him out with some pranks!

    Although on the subject of glitches, I had a similar one where I actually was able to walk out of bounds with an invisible smurf, pretty much able to go anywhere except back in the main part of the village.

    Not sure if it can be performed again (daren’t try, as it took me a while to get out of it), but after messing around near Timber’s place, I opened the menu and returned to the title. Checked the options (didn’t do anything with them), went back to the title and returned to the game and pow, outside the boundaries on the upper part of the game.

    • Tinker

      Hi, I’m struck outside the village and saw jokey asking ‘know any good knock knock jokes’. he should be a fun addition to SL if he also gives quests.

      How did you manage to re-enter the village and continue the game? I’m wondering aimlessly trying to re-enter.. Came too far to restart the game. All the menus are working. I can see my quests and storage.Help!

  • Hyoji from Korea

    I’d like to keep playing this game… but there are many difficulties to keep playing this game :(

    I have reached job level 12 of both of Alchemy & Building, and it seems there will be no more level ups.

    anyway I’m facing a couple of problems.

    1. in my storage, I have 3 sulfur deposits… OMG when it’s gonna be fixed? I had to waste my moon dust to enlarge my storage .. :(

    2. I can’t check out the trading board… it causes shutdown of the game. But I REALLY need to see it!! PLZ!!

    3. there are too many IMPOSSIBLE quests :( I’m really sad. lack of coins. can’t make anything. I’ve been already trading several expensive potions such as Luck, Memory and Life potions.. and for the quests, I’ve made 10 polished chairs and a Life Potion..

    After all, I tried my best and devoted all of my energy to finish the quests..
    made more than 5000 coins, reached the highest job levels…

    I want to keep playing this Smurf life game and find more adorable smurfs but now I’m so depressed because of some problems…

    I don’t understand why the Beeline company is so quite about all the issues.

    I hope it’s going to be alright…!

  • SuperWorldJumper

    I agree that the blue hut belongs to Handy.

    The other two could lead to a surprising revelation to some smurf fans. If you didn’t know already, the character of Greedy Smurf was actually a combination of two other smurfs originally from Peyo, Greedy and Baker Smurf. Baker was the main cook in the village, and Greedy just ate alot. I think when they made the cartoon they decided to combine the two characters because it was easier (and I also had a hunch that morals were involved. They didn’t want a smurf that just ate everyone’s food but didn’t do anything contributive to the village, so why not give him the job of making the food too? That way Greedy seems less selfish.)

    It would make sense that the cupcake house would belong to Greedy and the kitchen house would belong to Baker.
    However, since they didn’t do that in Smurf’s village, I doubt they would do it in this game. Perhaps Greedy just has two huts in this game? Who knows. That’s just my speculation.

    The red house sort of looks like Papa Smurf’s house. Since papa just wanders around, my best guess that this is just his hut. Perhaps Papa will have more missions for us in the next update.

    • Happy_Smurf

      very informative comment thank you for sharing it :)

  • Milo Lopes

    I Found that one!! :) I think its the chef’s house.

    • SuperWorldJumper

      Golly! Chef Smurf, Baker Smurf, and Greedy in the same game and not as each other!?!

      If this turns out to be true, it will feel like an episode of the Twilight Zone! :)

      • RadSpyro

        They are all definitely in the game – The game files prove it :)

    • Happy_Smurf

      Hey Milo Thank you for sharing the great image, we have added it to our article and we mentioned that you have shared it with us. Thanks again :)

  • Mael Funk

    i have the glitch
    tried to move anywhere, but can’t get to middle of village
    please help

    • NimaSh

      We never hear such a glitch before, would you please explain it more, when it happened and how far you are in the game?

      • Mael Funk

        i’m talking about this webpage glitch that put U out of the land
        dunno how i can there, but yesturday, while walking to imbersmurf my smurf came out of field… I thought it was a bug, because i can then walk to clouds and empty spaces…. but after a game restart, i was still out of the land. Tried to double tape on smurf or anything…. My inventory is empty, i can talk to marco smurf out of land, but nothing else

        • Mael Funk

          Well, i’ve been to local files with ssh. Unfortunately there is no backup like in smurfvillage, even ingame or locally. There is just a folder with 3 “backup” files, with same sise and same date/time.
          Tried to swith some, but app crash.
          Tried to restart game and put back those backups, but bring me back out of fields :/

          • NimaSh

            Beeline is aware of the issue and they mentioned that the bug will get fix in their upcoming update which we live in 2 weeks

          • Mael Funk

            sacrebleu !!!!!
            I was reading my mail and then my smurf ger blocked into the house :-(
            Can’t move away, can touch market but ger message “you can’t go there”
            Just restarted game last week and spent some money on moon.
            I’m disgusted

  • Kirra

    How Do I get out of the Glitch! being stuck for nearly a week

  • Michelle Thomas-Wherley

    I went looking around the house in the last picture, and it stated at the top that it was Doctor Smurf’s Hut.

  • Frances Eduarte

    This happens in my smurf life last night,i click my smurf and move it outside the village.I can’t go back in the village,so i go in the menu and start it again,I am in the house of alchemy.This is my story.I hope i could not do it again.

  • Mkabalt

    The pink one is for greedy smurf, the one with the bread is baker smurf and the red one is for doctor smurf I have them in my game can’t use baker or doctor but they are there.


  • Amanda

    Please can anyone help me, where you will find head smurf, the restaurant? So I can make Ground Ginger?