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Updated on: May, 13, 2013

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Doctor Smurf


One of the two new characters to join the village as part of the latest update (1.2.0) is Doctor Smurf. Doctor Smurf is trapped behind the Female Elf Statue in the Alchemy area of the village.

Once you find Doctor Smurf, he will need several items as part of a quest called “The Love Doctor”.

You will need to make these items at the Jewel Smelter.  He will need a Tiara, a Crystal Bracelet and a Silver Ring.

special smurfs archive
After you finish with his quest, he will reward you with 400 tokens, and, as usual, you will have a party with the other Smurfs to celebrate his rescue.

Doctor Smurf will then move into his own hut, which is located in the Alchemy section of the village next to Alchemist and Brainy Smurf.

special smurfs archive

Doctor Smurf will come with his own set of quests and recipes when he opens his Medicine Shop, which we think will happen as part of the next update.

The items that Doctor Smurf will be asking you for will require Silver Chunks, Emerald and Crystal.  So it is better to start stocking some of these resources before you reach his quest, as some items like Silver and Emerald are very rare in the village and their regrow time is quite long.  Creating Crystal requires Fire Potion, so make sure you gather enough Phosphorus, as lack of it might delay your progress.

Credit to Nima S & Gio  Rho

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  • Smurf

    I dont have the recipe for clay jug. Is this some kind of bug? Upon checking with mastering the recipes, i noticed i also dont have the recipe for fireplace. Help!,

    • LuckyMax5

      Are you a level 16 in Building? You get the Clay Jug recipe at Level 16 & probably the Fireplace too, not completely sure though, I’m only a Level 8!

      • Smurf

        Tnx, LuckyMax5. I finally got the clay jug recipe after reaching level 16. But not the fireplace

        • Simon Jelf

          You get the fireplace after complete the tea set expansion quest.

          • William Velerian

            Tea set:
            4 clay cups
            1 clay serving platter
            1 clay jug

            need 5 minutes to craft.

    • William Velerian

      Find a smurf that need a clay jug by pushing back the clouds.

  • Kalyar Stitch

    I can’t find Silver Chunk. Where is it? Please Help me!

    • Durga Siva

      Me neither! Also can’t find clay!

      • William Velerian

        Complete the small rubble pile expansion quest.

    • William Velerian

      Complete the genie expansion quest.

  • azricak

    The third element doctor Smurf requests in not a silver ring but a crystal ring!

    • Daniel Hochfeld

      Yes Crystal Ring

  • Alan Franchetti

    how come I’m on level 14 in Alchemy area and doctor’s missions are still unavailable? Doctor smurf shop is still closed and he keeps telling me to come back later, I’ve saved him at level 12 though. Thx in advance ;)

  • Isabella Malone

    If some one can help me find Dr Smurf in the 1.10 version I would really appreciate it! It won’t give me any other quests so I’m stuck making furniture for my house and playing jokeys game. Is there a quest guide somewhere? Please help!