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Version 1.5.0version: 1.5.0
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Levels: 16
Updated on: May, 13, 2013

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Mastering recipes in Smurf Life Game

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Besides working towards completing  quests, Smurf Life players will also need to earn stars in order to level up.  You can earn these stars while doing quests in both Timber and Alchemist’s areas.

Each recipe has 5 levels in which players earn 1 star for each level. To earn a star, you need to complete the recipe a certain number of times.

When you learn a new recipe, you need to do it once to earn your first star. For the remaining stars, here are the counts of how many time the recipe needs to be completed:

  • Second Star = 5 times
  • Third Star = 10 times
  • Fourth Star = 20 times
  • Fifth Star (Recipe Mastered) = 50 times

Note: the count of the number of times you need to make the recipe resets after you get a star. So after you get your first star, you have to make the recipe 5 times to get the second star. Once you get the second star, you need to make the recipe 10 times to get the third. The game does not count the recipes you have made already.

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Mysterious Smurfs in Smurf Life Game

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As you get on and on in the Smurf Life game many new characters join the village … Apart from Alchemist and Timber smurfs, many players already have rescued Brainy and Miner Smurfs also which are at the moment just standing next to their huts and doing nothing special (we are expecting in the future updates that these special smurfs will have their own quests).
Some players recently experienced some screen glitches while they were playing Smurf life game and they ended up in unknown places in the village where they have come across some of the popular smurfs from the smurfs village were having a tea party.

The screenshot shows some special smurfs such as Greedy, Hefty , Farmer and others amongst them … which made Smurf Life players wonder what those smurfs are doing there and whether they are going to join the village soon?
We shed the light here on few smurfs huts here which are hidden somewhere in the village and we want to ask our fellow Smurfs to share with us their ideas and which smurf they wish to join next. Read More→

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Current Issues in Smurf Life Game

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While Smurf lovers are enjoying the daily life of a Smurf and participating in many interesting quests, earning and spending thier  coins and tokens as well as Moon dust. Yet in the latest version of the Smurf Life there are some issues that players should be aware of. Beeline is also totally aware of all the issues and they are working them our  solution in order to improve the gameplay experience in the next update and make Smurf life adventure bug free for players. In the following article the mentioned issues are highlighted below. Read More→

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Many Smurf Life players are reporting that they are finding extra items in their storage, similarly to what happened in the earlier bug with the Corner Path, which again hopefully will be noticed by Beeline and   will get fixed   in the next coming updates.
It is still not clear how often and where the Sulfur rock which appears in the storage comes from. It was reported by player who are affected that the number of   Sulfur chunks found on their storage varies from one player to another. Sulfur rocks are quite precious and hard to get, but unfortunately if you are short in storage and you want to delete these Sulfur chunks in your storage, sell them, or use them in your recipes you can’t. So please be patient until Beeline fixes it. Read More→

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Today Smurf Life game players received an unusual message from Beeline, The message Title   is “A gift from Beeline”   while the message says “You’ve received a gift of 10 (Moon dust sign) from Beeline! 10 Free Moon Dust”. This was really a great surprise from Beeline to Smurf Life players. At first it was though that the free Moon Dust pack was a compensation for the losses resulted from that   glitch found in the previous update 1.1.0. However the surprise turned out to be a part of Beelines Advent Calendar, where everyday (until Christmas) a new surprise will be offered to players who are playing one of  Beelines games including Smurfs Village, Snoopy Street fair… and today was Smurf Life turn as depicted in the image below. Read More→

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Smurf Life game walkthrough

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Smurf life is a new freemium game by Beeline Inc. for Apple’s iOS devices. To play it, you must own iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. But please note that the game doesn’t run on early generations of iPhone and iPod. We have tested it on iPhone original and iPhone 3G; however it won’t run on either. The game requires iOS 4.3 or later, so before downloading we advise you on checking whether your device supports it by going through Settings -> General -> About -> Version (on your device). Read More→

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If you happen to play the smurfs village game on your iOs device, there is a high chance to come cross an offer of free Smurfberries and Moon dust from Beeline. You can get the offer once you launch the Smurfs village game   a window will pop up showing the offer, usually you need to be connected to the INTERNET. The special offer is mainly a promotional campaign for Smurf Life game and it states that you earn 10 free Smurfberries in Smurfs village and 10 free Moon Dust in Smurf Life for downloading and playing through the smurf life tutorial. The offer is still available now and we don’t know when will expire.   Bear in mind that you won’t get Smurfberries and Moon dust by just installing Smurf Life game, make sure you play Smurf Life and you follow the instructions of the tutorial, which is really worth to try. Read More→

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Smurf Life Game Help Menu

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This Game Menu is fully copied form  Smurf Life game help menu made by Beeline. The reason was copied is to make it available online and share it with other players as most of the  time   players ignore the help menu on their devices, (which really contains lot of useful information) and start searching on  the INTERNET.

Navigation – Tap where you want your Smurf to walk, or hold to have your Smurf run toward your finger. Read More→

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news archive Beeline has launched the new Smurf Life game in Canada, Brazil and Taiwan, and ultimately the game will be released to the rest of the world. Currently there are multiple views of the players about their feelings towards the game, few of the find it amazing and fun and found a lot of similarities to smurfs village apart there is no smurfberries but instead you use Moondust.  Where others  think it has some similarities to Facebook games like farmville and also  Smurfs & Co in terms of the use energy . The players are still discovering the game and we will update you with more information later, stay tuned.

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Smurf Life game

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smurf life updates smurf life tips smurf life guide archive Smurf life is a new game developed by Beeline (former Capcom), the game is address to mobile devices users (Mobile phones and tablets), for Apple iOS and Android platforms. It looks like the game is inspired from the Smurfs village App  which had a great success as it was ranked  one of the top grossing games for a long time in AppStore. The graphics of the game  and characters designs seem very attractive. According to rumors the game should be released either the first   or second week  of December 2012, although there in no official release date.